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The Platform of all Platforms

Droplit recognizes the lack of communication in the IoT industry.

In a space where communication is key, various device and cloud platforms have walled up their software and technology in favor of going against interoperability. They haven’t made it impossible to integrate, but due to the current nature of business, setting up channels of connectivity between platforms is incredibly difficult. It’s why we exist—there are many complex layers to solve. When we take a step back and look at why it’s so hard to create a winning IoT service, we see an opportunity to use our platform as a conduit to manage any number of platforms, no matter how they are built. This is why Droplit is the technology you can develop services with while also being able to use it to scale once it gets off the ground.  

Permissions & Credentials  

You could be at a crossroads at your respective company. Is now the right time to build out an IoT service? The demand is certainly there, but part of what makes new initiatives so tough in the space is choosing which horse to bet on. There’s no guarantee that certain device platforms or cloud partners will support changes that you’ll need to make to your service over time. API keys give your dev team leeway to make basic connections, but ultimately you won’t be in control of your offering. Without sophisticated control over permissions and credentials, you’re making a pretty risky bet in launching your new IoT service. 

With Droplit, we provide a solution to the many complicated layers of communication at play in modern IoT technology. We go a step further than your typical API management platform by tracking and translating device and user credentials across disparate systems. Sometimes you’ll come across a brand that does lights very well and another brand that does locks very well, but neither brand does much in the way of providing channels between the two. Our platform goes the extra mile by creating communication between the two, using our proprietary tech. Whether it’s legacy technology, consumer favorite brands, or a specific device you need to solve one item in your IoT service, Droplit routes and harmonizes operations across the board. 

Build Toward Your Future 

Whether it be Azure IoT, Tuya, or other traditional IoT cloud platforms, it’s easy to go with the first big name provider and start building right out of the gate. And you should! They provide a high level of support as well as whatever power level is necessary for you to deliver. However, it’s best going in with a platform that can keep your service uniquely yours. Droplit keeps operations modular and organized; everything from users, environments, zones, devices and device types, etc. You can easily integrate information from third-party systems that aren’t even related to IoT like CRM accounts or analytic tools. By removing cross-system complexity, you’re free to build and iterate your service without being overly reliant on any one specific platform. 

For instance, say you start your service by using the cloud services of Company A, but several years later you recognize that Company B has a more attractive offering with similar capabilities. Droplit can seamlessly make the transition and port your service’s system-wide information over to the new provider. It also makes decision-making as a whole quite a bit easier, knowing that every other platform becomes an interchangeable part of your IoT offering. 

The Platform Problem Solution 

Droplit goes well beyond your typical device management or app development IoT platform. In fact, we gladly integrate those other platforms when they solve issues that we think will help our clients. Truly brand agnostic, we have a radical dedication to interoperability. To make IoT work in such a way that it serves society through winning IoT services, we’ve decided to solve the “platform” problem by making a conduit for communication. Droplit really is the platform to manage all other platforms. 

If you’re currently in the process of developing a new IoT service or you are overhauling your current offering, we’re here to help. Droplit provides our software to service providers in the consumer IoT space. We also provide robust consultative services to ensure the success of your future offering. Schedule a demo today to learn more.